Packing is the Worst!

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Hate packing. Hate it! And yet here I am, choosing to live a life that involves packing everything I own into a few suitcases every few months. It’s weird too because I love to travel. I love everything about travel… except the packing. I own a lot of stuff for a person who moves around a lot.

Stuff… so much stuff

Back in 2020, we owned a two-story, four-bedroom home that was massive and packed to the brim. Each bedroom had a bed and all the supplies for guests. Sheets, blankets, pillows, towels. We stocked the kitchen with all kinds of fun gadgets. The two living-rooms plus dining room had ample places for people to park their butts. None of the furniture was fancy and a lot of it was secondhand, but it was still a lot.

Plus, we had been fixing the house up, so we had all kinds of tools. Painting supplies, cutting tools, electrical equipment, tons of paint, so much spackle. Then all the gardening tools! So much! Add to that a generous helping of outdoor gear such as bikes, camp stuff, and kayaks and you have a very full house.

Do you really need that?

It took an incredible amount of effort to pare all that down to move into the one-bedroom apartment we rented in Seattle so we could sell the house. Then we had to pare down even further to move into the in-laws for a week before we headed off for Belize. That involved borrowing a lot of lawn furniture and an inflatable mattress to use as we sold or gave our stuff away.

Now that almost everything I own has to fit into just a few suitcases, it’s a real challenge. I vet, weigh, and re-evaluate every single thing I own (overweight suitcases cost more to fly than just having another suitcase). Do I really need it? Can that heavy item go in the lighter case? Can I just buy it when I get there?

Add to that, different airlines have different requirements. I just flew Volaris Airlines, which allows one heavier checked bag and two carry-on bags. Here’s the kicker. The two carry-on bags, weighed together, can’t weigh more than a typical USA carry-on. More bags but less weight. Tricky! Tricky!

Mrs. ItchyFeet wearing two backpacks
I really should get a carry-on with wheels. This is how I board the plane.

Am I really hauling around cutting boards?

I still have too much stuff. I have too many shoes and clothes. I have too much kitchen gear. It takes hours to pack. It’s all very heavy and cumbersome. Lugging it out to the taxi and through the airport is a real pain. Plus, I can never remember where anything is. So stressful. I have been meeting people along these adventures who are doing the same thing I am. They all have much smaller bags. I feel like such a nube.

However, once I get to a place, all that stuff is so nice to have. I love all my cutting boards and swimwear and fragrance-free laundry soap. The physical therapist equipment is a must. Plus, what if I travel to a place that is colder than the tropics? I will need pants, and sweaters, and close-toed shoes. Or would it be better to just buy those there if I need them? I am still so new at this! There is still so much to learn. Wish me luck!

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  1. I hate stuff. So much stuff! But love having Tupperware and thermos when we travel… what to do, LOL!

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